Is Following Superstitions Good or Bad when Playing at Online Casinos?

As you may have noticed, casino players tend to be a fairly superstitious bunch and you’ll find a wide array of different types of superstitions that various players follow religiously. But are these superstitions going to help or hinder your chances of winning when you play at an online casino? In general – that’s debatable.

The reason why most casino players tend to embrace superstitions regardless of whether they actually believe in it or not is because it normally doesn’t hurt to do so with online gambling. As a rule of thumb, so long as the superstition isn’t going to harm your chances of winning – there should be no problem with following it.

Keeping that rule in mind it is easy to see why lucky coins, charms, and other items as well as simple rules such as not stepping on cracks in the floor or avoiding black cats would be perfectly okay. At the end of the day none of these superstitions are going to impact your odds directly – so if you’d like to embrace them you should feel free to do so.

The only caveat is if you encounter superstitions that could actually affect the odds directly. For example, if you believe that you need to bet on the number 6 every 6th spin in roulette – then that’s not exactly advisable. In fact, it runs contrary to the ideal strategy and spread for playing roulette – so it will actually hinder your ability to win in the long run.

Similarly, bet-sizing or any other type of ‘strategy’ that relies on ‘patterns’ is going to also provide a negative effect on your odds and should be steadfastly avoided.

Long story short, for the most part the common superstitions that you encounter are going to be harmless and whether or not you follow them is entirely up to you. However the ones that directly impact how you play the game (especially in a way that could be negative) should be avoided.

Identifying the difference between these may be a bit tricky at first, but as you become more familiar with the games and strategies involved – you’ll be able to spot the bad hats from a mile away and avoid them completely.