Social Casino Games – Blurring The Line Between Gaming And Gambling

Casinos have gone online and can be found on social interactive platforms too. There is a lot of fun to be had with these kinds of games, including those that do not require betting real money.

Gaming vs. gambling

Gambling means putting up your cash in the hopes of winning. In social casino games (free games), the only money required is to purchase playing credits. These games can be quite addicting, but they do not involve large sums of ash. Recent studies show that young people who play spend an average of $3 a day.

While playing for credits, one gains real experience with the games, which means that they can serve as a gateway for actual gambling. Many times players are offered free gaming credits, and once these are gone they are prompted to put up real money. Some people get carried away with a false sense of confidence and end up spending substantial sums.

Steering clear of these games

Research shows that social casino games can lead to addictive behavior. Players are enticed by various incentives and bonuses to keep gaming, and they become invested in the virtual credits, even when there is no potential to win real money. Like all addictive behaviors, gambling of any sort can lead to a downward spiral that impacts players’ family, friends, work, and overall well-being.